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District 7 nominee among recipients of 2021 RTOERO scholarships

Mar 25, 2022

To invest in a better future for our communities, RTOERO has awarded scholarships valued at $3,000 each to 20 post-secondary students.

One of the scholarship recipients is Daniel Picard, nominated by District 7. A student in the faculty of medicine at University of Ottawa, Daniel plans to go into family medicine and practice with a holistic and preventative care lens.

The scholarships help the students to pursue goals that support well-being, from geriatric medicine, to nursing, to public health, to age-friendly technology.

RTOERO include retirees and active employees from the broader education community, and has a mission to improve the lives of members and seniors.

“The scholarship program is an excellent way to further that strategic goal. Together, this year’s recipients have the passion and curiosity to make a huge impact on the health of our people and places,” says Rich Prophet, Chair, Board of Directors, RTOERO.

The awards go to university or college students enrolled in programs leading to careers that support RTOERO’s mission. RTOERO members are encouraged to recommend students for the scholarships.

Over the past 21 years, RTOERO has awarded scholarships totaling more than $500,000.